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Nearshoring to Eastern Europe (Group on Xing)

Posted by Franco Dal Molin on April 6th, 2008

Many European organizations (from small start-ups to large corporations) are outsourcing their software development, testing, and maintenance tasks to specialized providers in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Because of the the geographical proximity, this outsourcing model is often called “nearshoring”.

I have created a new group on the Xing business network. The goal of the group is to represent the interests of the buyers’ side, by sharing practical experiences, exchanging tips and advises, bringing transparency into the practices of this industry, learning from each others, collecting best practices, avoiding typical pitfalls, and so forth.

The group is exclusive to European professionals in the software industry BUYING the services in Eastern Europe. Outsourcing providers trying to find new customers will not be allowed to join the group. With this narrow focus and membership profile, the group will actually be able to much better build-up trust between its members and become a highly relevant resource for many European professionals.

To join the group (you must be a Xing member), please click here:

I look forward to many new members and a valuable exchange of experiences.